The TGI Way

The Wining Team:

TGI has always regarded the relationship with its customers, suppliers and associates as being part of a team. This relationship is built on mutual respect, support and a Win-Win Philosophy. Together we form ‘The Winning Team’.

Personal Satisfaction:

TGI provides a work environment where our team members know that their contributions are recognized. Everyone’s ideas are heard and everyone has the opportunity to make our company better and more productive.

Find the Way:

At TGI we never say no to any reasonable request. A challenge is nothing more than an opportunity to learn and grow.

Company Objectives:

Company objectives have been clearly defined and all team members actions are in alignment with these goals.


All team members are 100% dedicated to being the best at their respective position within the industry.

Customer Service:

The reason we exist is to service our customers’ needs and customer service is paramount to our success.

Team Work:

As team members we realize we are only as strong as our weakest link and we strive not to let each other down.

Innovative Ideas:

As team members we are always looking at better and more efficient ways to create maximum value for the customer as well as the company.