Happiness Campaign

Tire Group International is proud to announce our newest initiative, the Happiness campaign. This is TGI’s way of celebrating our mission on a daily basis. At our core, TGI’s purpose has always been to put a smile on our customers, partners, manufactures; and affiliates faces. TGI team members have been handing out “happiness pins” to our business associates for the past few months. The happiness pin symbolizes our constant commitment to customer service. At TGI, we do not only sell tires, we sell happiness. We take great pride in doing business with you and appreciate and enjoy our continuing relationship, we are here to make your experience at TGI pleasant, enjoyable and memorable.

Part of the fun of the happiness campaign is to wear the happiness pin and as bonus, one day per week is chosen as “Pin Day”, on that day all business associates wearing their pins will receive a surprise gift. So, what are you waiting for? Smile and get a Happiness pin today!