June 6th, 2019


So many times we think to ourselves, “we got this figured out”, and then comes another industry shift that makes us rethink what we really know! That is the world we live in, no matter the industry, so many factors beyond our control affect our businesses and we must react to them quickly and smartly or we won’t be around for long. Seismic changes use to come around once a generation, if that. Nowadays, we live and work in continual flux, with not only technology but world politics, industry consolidation and many other factors affecting us at a rapid pace. Whether you run a mom and pop retail store or are a wholesaler, even a manufacturer, you must be reinvesting in your business continually to keep up.

Technology, human resources, appearance of your business, customer service, new products are but a few areas that you cannot ignore or you will quickly find out your clients certainly are not. I don’t write about this subject to alarm anyone, I think it is never too late to make an effort to find the best path for your business to flourish. Having the right suppliers is part of equation and at TGI we are here to help and share our knowledge with anyone of our partners, all you need to do is ask!


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