July 5th, 2019


Our Mission Happiness dealer trip, was our most engaging company event ever! It really showcased what the TGI family is all about and why we call ourselves “The Winning Team!”

Before we departed we had our usual business meeting which covered a wide array of topics, from the state of our industry, new brand developments, pricing, forecasting, etc… then we boarded the ship and the fun began! As the trip unfolded, I was asked a similar question by many of our guest. How have you managed to assemble such a great team while consistently growing your business throughout the years?

This got me thinking as to what really sets us apart……I mean, there are the constant reminders throughout our facilities emphasizing teamwork, our tagline “The Winning Team”, our Mission Statement, which communicates our intent to create a positive and memorable experience…..but still I pondered, how have we managed to nurture such a positive, memorable and constructive atmosphere?

The more I thought about the question, the clearer it became, from our founding, we have created an environment where team members take ownership of their responsibilities, where thinking on your own is encouraged, where accountability starts in the mirror, where leadership takes many forms, where compassion, charity, respect, character, ethics and teamwork have a chance to flourish, and like any great recipe, it takes the right mix of each attribute to create something special.

We spend so much of the day working on the different facets of our business that sometimes we forget to invest in our people. It is only through their combined efforts that our vision can become a reality. Take the time to genuinely get to know your team, be patient, be caring, be forgiving, be interested, be positive, be optimistic, lead by example. In short order, you start to recognize those you can count on, and those you want on your team… “Your Winning Team!” - Joaquin


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