October 4th, 2019


“Hey Red! I need you to change a lightbulb in my office. Oh, and now that you’re here... We want to roll-out a paperless-workflow that seamlessly ties into a Smart Warehouse Management System that precisely tracks every tire we have.” – Tony, Joaquin, Orlando, Craig, etc. Yes, I am Red... and yes, I’m pretty sure all of the execs at Tire Group have said some form of the quote above. All jokes aside, these requests pretty much sum up my day. Sometimes I ask myself, where do I begin? That workflow, smart warehouse thing sounds really important... but then again, my team can’t work in the dark! I know this is the spectrum of challenges that owners, managers, and supervisors face in their day-to-day operation. The truth is, those small routine tasks are usually the ones that get in the way of us trying to accomplish these amazing larger goals. The reason for this, is because those smaller challenges take 5 minutes each to resolve, but seem to multiply throughout the week. Between your customers, team-members, vendors, and everything in between, you may only have an hour a day to address the future... and you still haven’t changed that lightbulb! You’re working in the dark.

Yes! I am using “working in the dark” as a metaphor for not having visibility towards your future plans. No worries... we all deal with this in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s scrambling to get to work on-time or making sure there’s food in the fridge. Our short-term tasks tend to take up most of our daily efforts. So, what’s the solution?! Honestly, it isn’t perfect, but here are a few things I do to manage:

Delegate, delegate, delegate - at Tire Group we have been very fortunate to have an amazing team. Not only that, they are very dedicated. They won’t let me down. Look around for those people. Trust & empower your team to handle those daily tasks. Honestly, sometimes issues come up and I never hear about them because my team took care of it.


Tire Group International - Miami, FL

Address the root of the problem - many times we try to look for a quick fix, and in a lot of those cases a quick fix only addresses issues in the short-run. Which means, they are probably going to come up again. Invest the time and effort to address issues so they happen less frequently or not at all. It may take longer now, but it will save you time down the road.

Remember to Remind - just because you delegated a task to your team doesn’t mean you can walk away and say, “problem solved”. It’s important to remember which tasks you delegated to who, and to remind them... that you remember.

Keep looking ahead - focus on the direction you want to go in, and set time aside to review that path. Being able to look ahead at how you want your business to run in the future requires time and research.

So next time your lightbulb goes out, remember DARK.
Until next time,
Red aka Enrique


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