August 7th, 2020


Keeping “Connected” during COVID-19

The last 5 months or so have been some of the most interesting times we likely will ever see, and I really hope that we are soon headed to the end of the pandemic! Covid-19 has literally changed the landscape of the whole world in such an amazingly short time. But, like every shake-up or life-changing event that can happen in our lives there are a few things that will never change and I want to talk about a big one, our need for “connection”.

I’m not talking about the internet, although I guarantee that if my internet router goes down or the cable shuts off its just about the worst thing that can happen in our house! I’m talking about our connection with each other. Our friends, our family, our work family, customers we enjoy working with, vendors we depend on for so much. The list goes on an on. Humans as a rule are very social beings and Covid has taken much of the social aspect of our lives away, and as far as work goes, nothing gets done without having great connection to our co-workers, customers, etc.

So here are a few suggestions that might help you increase your “connectivity” while we all get through the Covid-19 together:

  • Social Media like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn are all great ways to stay in touch (although I personally think that we shouldn’t overdo it here)
  • Email is a great tool, but again I like to try to remember that almost everyone I email with is likely getting bombarded with emails already so I try to keep things relevant, to the point and most of all impactful for whoever I am sending an email to.
  • Good old-fashioned US Mail. My wife and I started hand-writing letters and postcards a few months ago to friends in other states. Old-school for sure, but when I got a letter back from a buddy of mine in California it was awesome. Try it! (For everyone at TGI I think postcards from Florida are the best, right?)
  • Last suggestion: Early birthday/holiday gifts in the mail. What a great surprise someone will get when you send an early birthday card a month ahead of time! I got this tip from a family friend and tried it out and got a call back the day they got my card. SO HAPPY and it made my day.

At the end of the day, we are going through some crazy times and I think its important to remember that the TGI family is there for you and like all great families, we can get through anything TOGETHER!!! Keep Connected!!

- Rick


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