September 4th, 2020


“A lot has happened since I last blogged” is an understatement.

2020… it’s important we start this off with the year. I want to make sure whoever reads this in 2030 understands this was the moment where video conferencing became a need and a norm. It’s also a year where many companies discovered the importance of IT infrastructure and business process. Two components of business that keep us working together, even when we are apart.

Fortunately, TGI has never been afraid of investing in tech, people, and process. It’s part of the reason we were able to adapt quickly to the circumstances this year presented, and still serve our customers. That being said, this year’s pandemic has had a direct effect on human interaction and availability of resources. Both of which, have created major challenges for businesses across industries. Having an infrastructure that allowed us to collaborate and work under the same roof from anywhere in the world was part of the secret sauce that kept us moving forward.

Before this pandemic started, we had already been focusing on improving speed and on unifying processes that have direct impacts on one another. For example, creating single lines of communication between our Purchasing, Warehouse, and Sales departments was important to making sure we were streamlining product directly to our customers’ doors. Not only that, we were researching and developing different programs that helped us create visibility and options for customers to receive their tires in a timely manner. In other words, we were already working towards a future where technology and business process were at the forefront of helping us better serve you. Now this didn’t solve all of our problems, but it did help us absorb 2020’s punch, and allowed us to revitalize and expedite a direction we were already heading in.

So, my advice to tire wholesalers, shops, distributors, and businesses across industries… do not wait for the next 2020 to start investing in technology and process. Evaluate everything you do now and look for tools and people that will make your business better prepared for tomorrow’s uncertainty.

My hope is that when all goes back to normal, we will all have a new found appreciation for both human interaction and technology. Both of which should coexist and make for a bright future.

- Red aka Enrique


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