November 6th, 2020


After some thought, I’ve decided to come out with the Deesh’s tire tips in order to give you more insight to improve your overall knowledge for some of you this will be a refresher to what you already know but read it anyway. You might be surprised and maybe learn something new. Anyway, that is the hope here… enjoy!


There are 2 types of runflat tires on the market today:

  • self-supporting
  • auxiliary supported

Self Supporting

This is the most common on the market which features a stiffer sidewall which is capable of carrying the weight of the car after it has lost all of its air. Usually the tire can go up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 55 MPH. Its important for you to know that all manufacturers call their runflat RFT by different names. Below is a list:

  • Goodyear – EMT (Extended Mobility Technology and ROF (run on flat))
  • Kumho – XRP
  • Michelin – ZP (Zero Pressure)
  • Bridgestone – RFT (Run Flat Tire)
  • Dunlop – DSST (Dunlop Self Supporting Tech and ROF (Run on Flat))
  • Firestone – RFT (Run Flat Tire)
  • Pirelli – RFT (Run Flat Technology)
  • Yokohama – RFT and ZPS (Zero Pressure System)

Auxiliary Supported

This system relies on special wheels with inserts to support the tire when it loses its air. A self-supporting runflat, listed above, will not fit on these wheels and these wheels only accept a tire that is designated for the wheel. The only tire I know that exists is the Michelin PAX System. This system, because of the special wheel, is more expensive than the self-supporting runflat.

Note in our system, we only use RFT to designate runflat tires that we stock in order to cut the confusion as to the many names it is called by the different manufacturers.



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