May 7th, 2021


Creative Strategy

Marketing is rapidly evolving and changing fast. That’s why it’s more important than ever to devise strategies and stick to it!

Creative Strategy for Small Teams

  Marketing has been a whirlwind of rapid changes these past 10 year combined with COVID it’s tougher than ever to know what whether you’re making the most out of your small marketing team. With limited time and resources, it’s crucial that you make every action count and that you make the most with what you have. Small teams do have their advantages though! Being able to quickly respond to current events, sending campaigns out on a moments notice, and the lack of “red tape” slowing you down is why small marketing teams often get labeled as “agile. I’ll be sharing what has been time proven successful strategies for my small marketing team.

Organize, plan and track! -Being the brains of the operation

  When you’re working with small teams it’s key to be as efficient as possible with your resources. It’s extremely easy to throw away time, money and resources on the nearly endless marketing channels and platforms or the easy one size fits all marketing solutions offered out there. It’s easy to get distracted by all of this! This is why it’s so important to devise a strategy, stay organized and track results! At the beginning of the year assess your marketing budget and resources and plan a marketing strategy and calendar with objectives and KPI’s(Key Performance Indicators). Make the objectives actually achievable, don’t try and solve 100 million dollar problems with a 100k budget. When your strategy is completed, follow through and stay organized. There is no one size fits all solution to what staying organized, use what best suits your industry and tasks. Remember that all that matters is the end result, not how you got there! Finally, track your results! We live in a digital age where you no longer need to guess how successful your campaigns are. With the advent of Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and the endless other analytic platforms you get a very clear picture of what’s happening with your campaign, how successful your strategies are(compared to your others) and why! This is essential to any marketing team because it informs all of your decisions because you know exactly what does and doesn’t work.

Limited resources means go for the low hanging fruit

  There’s almost an infinite amount of ways to go about marketing, blogging for organic SEO, industry print ads, video production it seems the ways to put your brand out there only continues to multiply every year! Now that you have your plan and strategy it’s important to prioritize. With a small team you can’t do all things all at once which is why efficiency in action and tracking campaigns becomes so crucial. This combination allows you to know what the low hanging fruit are, the most successful tasks that require the least resources, time and effort. Boiled down to business terms we’re talking ROI. Like I said before, with the ease and accessibility of data tracking analytics platform, it’s easy to know what your most effective channels or strategies to focus on are. This makes it easy to decide whether you should be spending time making daily designs for your brand’s Instagram or if you should just spend money on promotions and put your time elsewhere.

Utilize online resources to fill gaps in team – expanding output

  Like I said before, you can’t do everything as a small team. It’s important to act more as the brains of the operation rather than carrying out every small task. Write brand guidelines, create strategies, and create plans that can be easily be handed out like blueprints for others to complete. This saves you time and increases your marketing collateral output exponentially. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork can prove to be invaluable resources for a team with limited resources as they provide outlets for smaller and easier tasks to be completed without tying your time up. Small logos, templates for emails, catalogs, videos the utility of these sites is massive.


  Small marketing teams offer a level of freedom that can be fun and exciting! As long as you follow some of the principles I’ve laid out you can become an extremely effective and invaluable resource for your company making your 10 million dollar company look like a 100 million dollar company!


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