September 3rd, 2021


Just for fun…

Ever hear somebody say something completely wrong or backwards, yet you understand what they mean? Happens all the time! So much so, that through my years, every time I hear one, I make it a point to write it down. It doesn’t matter if I am in a board room or at the drive thru, if I hear a saying or idiom used incorrectly, it gets written in the notes section of my phone……and becomes water over the bridge! seeeeeee! Its water under the bridge, not over it!!!!

Here is a short list of my favorites, I have compiled over the years:

Fringe benefits, not French!

Hindsight is 20/20, not 50/50!

Leaning tower of Pisa, not pizza!

Scot free, not scotch!

Moot point, not mute!

Scapegoat, not an escape goat!

Ramen noodles, not Roman!

Comatose, not comatoast!

You get the point! Everybody loves a good laugh, and we all laugh at different things. So the next time you hear one of these idioms being used incorrectly, I am sure it will bring a smile to your face….and don’t forget to email me so I can write it down! Lol

Looking for other ways to spark a laugh? Whenever somebody is recommending a movie they saw……….agree with them, and describe your favorite part as a made up scene that doesn’t exist in the movie……..sit back and watch them mental rolodex the movie with a confused look on their face! Lol

Here is another one….anytime you are in a group and a song is playing in the background (no matter the song)……….say……”this is when Lionel Ritchie was at his best, with the Commodores.” Once again, sit back and enjoy the confused face of the crowd……sheer laughter! Lol

Have fun out there……….live, love, laugh!


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