Notes From The Sr VP of Domestic Sales

March 7th, 2022
Notes From The Sr VP of Domestic Sales

Random thoughts about life and other things from a roaming tire guy…….

When you reach a certain age in life it’s a series of the little things that matter, like being able to wake up in the morning and not feel the aches and pains in your body as you walk to the bathroom or when your off and you don’t hear that annoying alarm clock …BEEP BEEP BEEP telling u to get up…..Why do we enjoy hitting the snooze button so much, the extra 5 minutes goes by in an instant and then the earth shattering BEEP BEEP BEEP happens again, but hey its my snooze time and it makes me feel I won the battle against the evil alarm clock!

I enjoy planning out dinners for the week and since my wife and I are now empty nesters, it’s become something we look forward to doing. The funny thing is, early in the week we do all the planning and more times than not we end up ordering in from our favorite Cuban spot called El Caribe. We love it because it is one of those spots that one meal can feed three people……so half the battle is trying to agree with my wife, which plate we will share….lol.

I have a ritual that I do every weekend. I call it HAPPY NAPPY TIME, yes you can figure out that it consist of me taking a nap around 1230pm to 130pm…..sometimes sooner than later if I dose off on the couch…..and its usually for a few hours so…Sundays it all depends on my Dolphins schedule. It always starts by me telling my dog Daisy it’s that time of the day and she gets all excited but for all the wrong reasons thinking we are going walking or something, then the drama begins because I lay down and she wants to play and goes crazy running around the bed and jumping on top of me……until she settles down and takes the nap with me!

Lastly, love your family…….there is nothing like family, appreciate your friends, work is an essential part of life so be passionate about it and make a difference, live life to the fullest, enjoy every little thing that happens and above all LAUGH cause life is sometimes to short and it will pass you by before you know it.


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