Multiculturally Unique

May 9th, 2023
Multiculturally Unique


In todays’ globalized economy, it is increasingly common for organizations to have multicultural work environments.

Here at TGI, Team Members from diverse cultural backgrounds, work together, share their experiences and knowledge, and collaborate to achieve common goals.

One of the main benefits of working with a multicultural team here at TGI, is the access to a pull of talent; employees with a broader range of skills, knowledge, experiences, creativity, and problem-solving abilities that make them unique, more like the A-Team.

In my experience working as International Purchasing Manager, close to 17 years now with TGI, this multicultural work environment had tremendous influence in my understanding of the diverse cultural backgrounds of vendors in the different countries we do business with.

In my opinion, respecting the cultural differences is the key for developing long term business relationships. I call it “finding a balance”, where seller and buyer meet to generate business where both parties win, most importantly you gain trust and respect which will be the driver to create more business opportunities along the way.

There are also challenges present in a multicultural environment, no doubt about it, communication will be the main challenge. In my experience, individuals from different cultures may have different communication styles and may interpret messages differently. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Managing those exceptions timely and with patience is the best approach.

As a summary, when you translate the multicultural work environment experience into the Job function of International Purchasing, this opens a window to opportunities for the organization, because the business relationships with vendors are created based on the values of mutual respect, diversity, inclusion and understanding, you will develop not a vendor, but a partnership that will last forever.

In other words, the multicultural work environment is what makes TGI unique.

Rita Rios-Caraballo


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